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Doolin, Ireland

We are Len + Judy.


Our love story began 11 years ago after each of us had experienced the not-so-pretty side of love. A chance meeting. Love at first sight. We haven't been apart since.  Together, we share our home with horses, dogs and cats, and, anyone else that might find his way to Mayne. Len is an IT guru; Judy, a journalist. We have five children between us who, as they should, have spread their wings and followed their dreams.

Now, that's exactly what we're doing.

With a passion for travel, stories, and photography guiding our lives, we are seeing the world through our unified eyes and while we're home, we will continue our love of storytelling by documenting your story.

Our mantra that guides us - the timeless legacy of photography. As time passes, the few images that we have of our parents and families have preserved our memories and transported us through some very dark times. The good moments, and even the bad, that have been documented have preserved our history. We believe this was our gentle nudge to pick up cameras, tell stories, and create heirlooms for our family as well an any others who will allow us the honor to photograph their moments.

We're not trendy or hipster, fine art or dramatic. We don't Photoshop the imperfections or change who you are. We are classic in our photography and in our relationships. We value quality of service and quality of product above everything. We have fun. We laugh, and we think you will, too.

Photography (for any occasion) should not be equal to a car purchase; we have two wedding collections, one that is service-based, and second one to include prints; we also provide head shots (both studio and onsite), personal branding photography for the small business owner, commercial and lifestyle sessions. We're not the youngest in the bunch, but we'll be the one thing that will never cause you worry. We're hands off, narrative and documentary, discovering the in-between moments that will tell your authentic story. Of all the images over the years, the unexpected or the undefined move the hearts of our clients most. And we love that.

We hope that you'll be part of our story, and in turn, we'll give you the best of who we are. We might just fall in love with you and consider you part of the family. In fact, that's rather a given.

Contact us today, and let's continue your story together.

We love what we do. Whether we're in Europe, the Southern Caribbean or right here at home, we can't wait to find the next story just around the corner.

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Len + Judy Garrison

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