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Athens, Georgia, and Hayesville, NC, Based Boutique Wedding Photography Studio

Now booking weddings through 2024

Booking all projects for 2024

The American Woman Project

We are Len + Judy, Seeing Southern. We're a husband-wife team who has been traveling the world and capturing moments for decades. We're travelers, photographers, and basically, lovers of life. 


Aboutique wedding photographers, and only book 10-12  weddings each year, and that is by design. 

From your engagement to your wedding, we’re go the extra mile in preparation and in the curation of those intimate

moments. We’re hands-on, authentic, and fun-loving. Our goal is to make the process and the images simple, classic,

and timeless  Whether it’s a quiet elopement or a traditional affair,

we will give you our best and curate the story of the day. Contact us about 

the Seeing Southern Wedding.

In between, we celebrate family milestones, create galleries for

small business branding, and capture events and create commercial portfolios.

Judy's favorite? Working with female entrepreneurs who are as fierce

and passionate as she is. Learn more about Judy here


Wherever you are, we'll be with you every step of the way, capturing every detail.

For general photography and commercial work, start here.

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