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The Seeing Southern Wedding

Narrative. Authentic. Inspirational.

We are so glad you're here.

For the past 12 years, we have been telling love stories through photography, creating heirlooms for not only the bride and groom but also families

that will stand the test of time. 

We are honored to document your wedding day, and we promise, we'll give you the best of who we are.



of your life. 

As boutique wedding photographers, we only curate a small number of weddings each year in order to provide the personal service that every couple deserves.

Once you book your venue and secure your date,

reach out to us; we'll offer a package that will meet your needs. We make it simple and easy.

Now is the time to book your storyteller. 

Welcome to the Seeing Southern family. 



We're Len + Judy. Our love story began years ago after each of us had experienced the not-so-pretty side of love. A chance meeting. Love at first sight. We haven't been apart since. 

With a passion for travel, storytelling, and photography guiding our lives, we are seeing the world through unified eyes and while we're home, we continue our love of storytelling by documenting your story.

The mantra that guides us? The timeless legacy of photography. As time passes, the few images that we have of our parents and families have preserved our memories. The good moments, and even the ones that aren't so perfect, that have been documented have preserved our history. We believe this was our gentle nudge to pick up cameras, tell stories, and create heirlooms for our family as well as for any others who will allow us the honor to photograph their story. 

We believe in print. We believe that photography is meant to live on your walls, above your mantle, on your desk - a daily reminder of moments. That's why prints, canvases, albums, and wall art should  be considered; we offer a vast selection at the highest quality.

We're not trendy or hipster: being older has its perks. We will be the one thing that will never cause you worry or pause; consistency produces excellence. We are classic in our photography and in our relationships. We're hands-off, narrative and documentary, discovering the in-between moments that will tell your authentic story. Our style is random and pure, not stiff or choreographed. Of all the images over the years, the unexpected and the undefined move the hearts of our clients most. And we love that. We advocate quality of service, product and experience above everything.

We have fun. We laugh, and we think you will, too.

We hope that you'll be part of our story, and in turn, we'll give you the best of who we are. We might just fall in love with you and consider you part of the family. In fact, that's rather a given.

Contact us today, and let's continue your story together.


Here's some answers to your photography questions. 

Why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?


Since we only book a small number of weddings each year, we believe that our relationship with every client is paramount. Any more bookings, and we'd sacrifice what is so important to the service we provide. From the time you book until, well, forever, we'll be there for you and your family. Zoom calls. Pre-wedding consultations. Coffee or beer? Engagement session. Bridal studio session. Organizing and planning is one of our strengths, and every client receives Judy's obsession with planning, in addition to our artistic, creativity, and passion for our genre.

      And on your wedding day, we'll hem your pants, walk your dog, tie your bow-tie, fetch water, carry your tissue, and love you like family. Since you'll see more of us than anyone else on that day, we'll be the stress-reliever and the laughter-instigator, and we take both roles very seriously.

     Being a talented photographer means more than knowing how a camera works; it means pouring everything into capturing your day. It's also more than poses, but moments that you will treasure until the end of time. We will work with your venue as well as the other vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly. We want this experience to be the best ever without any hiccups or surprises - and if there are, we'll handle them seamlessly.

What does your pricing cover?

Our Seeing Southern Signature Wedding, as well as every booking with us, provides exceptional service with the most handsome print products available in the industry. Not sure what you want or need? We offer booking by the hour (for small weddings) as well as three packages based on time, products, and budget. 

How many weddings do you shoot each year?

As a boutique wedding photography studio, we value quality over volume. We book approximately 10-12 weddings each year, thereby providing time for personalized service to our couples and their families. 

Do you have a second photographer?

We are both photographers. Len is very technical, figuring out the fireworks or sunset shots; Judy is the creative and likely will do something that doesn't make sense but in the end, magic. 

Do you edit the images?

Yes. Every. Single. One. We also work with the premier national lab for additional editing and retouching. Our signature editing, which is provided in your delivered images, is exposure correction, color correction, straightening, cropping, and white balance. We do provide additional edits (at no charge) on all wall art. If you want extensive editing on the gallery, it is available at an additional charge.

Do you have an assistant?

We do hire an assistant for larger weddings, but only for helping with gear and logistics. 

Where do you live and how far will you travel?

We are at home in the Appalachian Mountains of Hayesville, North Carolina, just over the Georgia | North Carolina state line. We consider the North Georgia Mountains our home as well.  Although most of our work takes place in the Southeast, we adore destination weddings and hope that a destination wedding is in your future. We'll follow your love wherever it takes you. Ask for a custom destination quote, and if you happen to be getting married in one of our do-or-die destinations, this is your lucky day. The affordability of a destination wedding might surprise you.

Do you offer videography?


Do I receive the digitals?

The full digital gallery is provided in all booking packages. You will have lifetime access to your gallery on our hosting site.

     We know that wedding photography is an investment and a large slice of your wedding budget. As photographers, we understand that once an image is printed, it takes on a life of its own and becomes a memory. Consider the heirlooms and the art we create. 

     Whether it be an album that tells the story of your entire day or a breathtaking portrait that will hang on your wall, these images are meant to be shared. There's an emotional response when you touch these images. When was the last time you and your grandparents sat around a computer and looked at photos? Never. But put an album on a table and it draws you in; you pick it up, and then, you run your palms over the pages. Hang a portrait over the mantel and friends can't help but fall in love with the moment. You will return to that moment time and again.

     And, remember these images are works of art. You've hired us for our creative ability and our vision to tell your love story. More than anything, these images are heirlooms, ones that you will pass down to your children. Your wedding album will be one of many books that your children will pick up time and again to remember your love story.

    We look at your wedding photography as the first heirloom created for future generations. 

When will I receive my images?

Engagement session, 3-4 weeks; weddings, 6-8 weeks. All albums and prints must be ordered within six months of the event date. All prints will be shipped directly to you for a small charge or we can meet for a free delivery.


Are my images watermarked?

Neither digital nor print images are watermarked. You'll see sneaks on Facebook and Instagram and those will be watermarked for image protection.

How many pictures will we receive?

Every wedding is different, so that answer is different. Every delivery is dependent upon hours of coverage, type of events, reception, etc. An average 8-hour wedding gallery ranges from 700-900 images.

Do we get the copyright of the images?

Copyright simply means that we created the images and we "own" the copyright. You own the images and have the right to your images as spelled out in your contract. As creator, Seeing Southern will always retain copyright. 

Can we have the RAW files?

We never release raw or unedited files.

What if we don't really want an engagement session? 

You might not think you want one, but they are so much fun. We get to know you, and you get to know us. Think of it as a first date; afterwards, we'll all feel like we've been friends for years.

      When the wedding day rolls around, you know exactly what to expect. You'll know how we work behind the camera, and you'll have full trust in us and the process. 

      We truly believe that an engagement session is an important element of your wedding package.

      The engagement is a complimentary offering for the Signature Wedding Package. ​

I would love to hire you, but I have a friend who will shoot our wedding for free.


Often times, when an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If this is the route you chose, we wish you the best in your decision.

     However, wouldn't you rather have a committed photographer (bound by contract) that will be at your wedding no matter what? Don't you want your friend to enjoy your wedding? It's simply one less thing to worry about. And if your friend pulls the plug weeks before the wedding, chances are professionals are already booked.

     Many forget that we are a business, with taxes and insurance and all the non-glamorous stuff that comes with being an entrepreneur. We are not playing at being a photographer; it's too hard to play at this business. We have invested thousands in our gear and education, shot endless hours for paying clients, and have a enormous passion for what we do. Your client experience on the wedding day, both before and after, will be the thoughts that you share with your friends and family; our passion is what we want you to share. It's our drive that has sustained us in this competitive field. These are the qualities you are paying for.  

Have you shot same-sex weddings?

Yes, we have, and we are excited to document your day.

Have you ever shot a Jewish wedding?

Yes, we have shot Jewish weddings. When we shot the first one years ago, we researched fully until we understood each element of the wedding day. Such tradition must be documented, and we capture the electric family dynamics in addition to the cultural traditions. Having a photographer that knows what (and when) traditions are happening is imperative.

How soon should I book you?

As soon as you become engaged and set the date, book the venue and the photographer. Those are the first to be booked. Once we provide a quote and you accept, it will generate the contract and invoice. The contract and non-refundable retainer are due into the studio within three days of quote receipt. We do not hold dates until the signed contract and non-refundable retainer are received in the studio. 

What about travel? Do you travel for weddings?

The quick answer is yes! And we think destination weddings are exciting. Not only do you get to choose a location that becomes part of your story but also gives you unlimited access to us as long as we are on location. From the time we arrive until the time we leave, we are yours. Bridal party. Mimosa mornings. Rehearsal. Wedding. Day after photo shoot. Anything and everything! International destination weddings begin at $4,000. We'll provide a complete estimate for full coverage which includes our travel and accommodations. Everything else is icing on the cake. You receive all images from every event. 

Do you take payments or set up a payment schedule?

We require a $1,000.00 non-refundable retainer, along with a signed contract, to reserve your date. Payment plans are available, and we offer a Client Portal through our client management system which has all your account information at your finger tips. You can make payment at your convenience at any time. The contract must be paid in full before any images are released. 

We'll gladly share some of amazing professionals with you whom we have had the opportunity to work with during the wedding day. 

Packages and pricing may change without notice.

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