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"I believe the most interesting thing to look at in the world is the human face." ~ David Slade

Every time I walk into a head shot session, it's the same conversation. "I hate this," said everyone who has ever booked a head shot session. I laugh, and then promise it won't hurt.

Your professional visual has never been more important than in 2024. 

We offer a traditional head shot in a studio setting with studio lighting. 

Environmental imagery will be shot at the location of your choice. Be creative,  and we'll use the environment and landscape to create your unique portrait.

Seeing Southern Photography Studio Head Shot Session (In Studio, Hayesville NC)

$175 (in studio) - studio lighting, one high-resolution and web-sized digital file (15 minute session)

Each additional image -  $50 includes high resolution and web-sized image

Final client selections are chosen from a proof gallery.

Contact for pricing information for an on-location studio or environmental sessions.

Traditional Studio

Environmental: Indoor and Outdoor

"Corporate headshots definitely aren't the 'matching holiday family pajamas' or the 'so in love and engagement' pictures, but Judy and Len found a way to make the experience fun and enjoyable. I showed a preview of the gallery to my co-worker and her reaction to the pictures was that they were "so professional and managed to capture that light that shines through in person". I couldn't be more pleased and excited to update my corporate presence with these - especially since so much of my work is now online and virtual thanks to the pandemic.  This refresh was much needed and long overdue.  Thank you, thank you!"

~ Suzanne Hooper Cauthorn

VP Procurement Supplier Services at SAP Ariba

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