Food Photography

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Professional food photography changes perspective, and perception is everything. 

Your showroom is now located in every home in America. Customers will shop, order, purchase, and make decisions based on your social media and website presence. What they see determines the money they will spend. Not only will images illustrate your brand but also present a more professional persona.

We will curate images for your store, your menu, your merchandise, your staff - no matter what you need to showcase. Be ready for commerce like you've never seen before.

We provide STUDIO and ONSITE options. If you choose STUDIO, we will pick up items at your location (within 30 miles of Athens studio) at no extra cost. If it's imperative the chef style dishes, your best option is on-site. However, studio work allows more time, creativity, and a full-lighting set-up. With detailed instructions from the chef, the photographer can duplicate dishes. We will work with you on planning and organizing each shot.

All projects and pricing include commercial license.

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